FrontPage Search

Since your website comes preinstalled with Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions, FrontPage automatically creates a text index based on the words contained in all of the pages in your web. You can create a search form to let site visitors search your web for specific words or phrases. When a visitor submits a search form, FrontPage checks the text index and displays a weighted list of hyperlinks to the pages containing the search text.

There are a number of ways to create a FrontPage Search Form. The below steps outline the quickest and easiest steps to do so:

1.    Open your website in FrontPage, Page View.

2.    Position your curser at the insertion point where you want to create the search form.

3.    Click on the Insert Component button and select Search Form.


4.    Fill out the necessary fields in the below window.


5.    You should now have a search feature similar to the below on your site.